The ExpertsEngine Guarantee

If you are not happy with the quality of the Guaranteed Professional’s work, we will address your concerns with the professional to make it right.

The ExpertsEngine Guarantee is subject to the following requirements:

  • You engaged a ExpertsEngine Guaranteed Professional through ExpertsEngine for services at a time that his or her profile displayed a ”Guaranteed” badge (the ExpertsEngine Guarantee never applies to professionals without this badge).
  • You had a ExpertsEngine Customer account at the time you engaged the ExpertsEngine Guaranteed Professional through ExpertsEngine for the specific services at issue.
  • The job was not completed in a quality manner or your property was damaged as a direct result of the service.
  • You make a claim and provide us with documentation supporting your claim within 30 days of service completion. This must include proof of payment to the professional.
  • You follow our claim resolution policies, work with us in good faith, and permit the Guaranteed Professional to attempt to resolve the problem on a subsequent visit(s).
  • The Guarantee is subject to modification by us and the Guarantee policy in effect on the date you engaged the ExpertsEngine Professional will apply to any claim you make related to the services at issue.
  • Guarantee claims will be closed and any rights thereunder terminated, if you are unresponsive for more than five business days.
  • ExpertsEngine reserves the right to request a W-9 from you prior to the finalization of a Guarantee Claim.
  • Please contact ExpertsEngine Customer Support with any Guarantee inquires: